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Eastbank Collaborative
of Charter Schools

Alexina Medley, President
Kathy Riedlinger, Vice President
Michelle Douglas, Secretary
Sean Wilson, Treasurer
Rose Drill-Peterson, Ph.D., Director

2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 414
New Orleans, La 70122
(504) 267-7239 or (504) 352-0286

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Member Schools:
Quick Facts About New Orleans Charters:

•84 percent of all public school students in Orleans are in charter schools

• New Orleans public school district has more students enrolled in charter schools than any other school district in the nation.


Welcome to the Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools!

As some of the first schools to open their doors post-Katrina, the founding members of the Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools helped set the path for the emergence of independent charters in Orleans Parish. The additional costs associated with the independence of being a charter school – bearing the responsibility of legal, security, communications, teacher recruiting, transportation, cafeteria and other services – were recognized as obligations that could potentially affect the availability of resources in the classroom. Bolstered by start-up funds from Baptist Community Ministries, the member schools were able to obtain economies of scale for the delivery of such services by forming the ECCS, gaining negotiating leverage as a group rather than having to carry the financial burden individually. This means more resources are focused on student needs rather than administrative costs.

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