Eastbank Collaborative
of Charter Schools

Alexina Medley, President
Kathy Riedlinger, Vice President
Claire Jecklin, Secretary
Sean Wilson, Treasurer
Rose Drill-Peterson, Ph.D., Director

2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 414
New Orleans, La 70122
(504) 267-7239 or (504) 352-0286

Member Schools:
Comprising more than 9200 students

Managed by the School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans

With funding from the Baptist Community Ministries, Robert Reily Family Trust, Smith Cooper Foundation, the Keller Family Foundation and with support from the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools.  

To ensure the sustainability of the charter school reform movement in New Orleans so that parents and students can have access and choices to high quality schools.

About Us!

Current Programs and Accomplishments: Following the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, seven principals formed the Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools” – or “ECCS” – to improve school operations in areas including legal services, facilities support, financial reporting, teacher recruitment, instructional technology and group purchasing. The major goal of the cooperative is to ensure the sustainability of the charter school movement by decreasing back office costs and providing a unified voice in interactions with local, state and national agencies. Further, the ECCS strives to make the schools within the Alliance and those ancillary members more efficient and effective in their operations so that more staff time can be focused on helping each school meet academic standards and goals. Presently, twelve schools, comprised of about 7,300 students are represented in the ECCS.

1. Created a centralized mechanism for Collaborative and Louisiana charter schools to facilitate finding and hiring quality teachers.
2. Formalized an association with the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, a state non-profit speaking on behalf of the common needs of Louisiana charter schools. Example: Spoke as one voice in requesting explicit legal changes to the Teachers Retirement System and other issues pertaining to charter schools.
3. ECCS members organized to secure 30 percent of federal Restart Funds, totaling $3 million.
4. Provide briefings on issues such as MFP (Minimum Foundation Program) and finances.
5. Worked with Orleans Parish School Board to prepare a public education campaign on the 2008 millage renewal dedicated to public schools.
6. Provided support for the ECCS Development Directors Group to secure over $3 million in federal competitive grants.
7. Operate and maintain a charter school blog at to disseminate information to 6,000+ member and non-member charter schools and related entities.
8. Operate a system whereby notices of Orleans Parish School Board meetings and committee meetings and minutes of meeting proceedings are emailed to keep constituents informed of important decisions impacting schools and students.
9. Provide support for ECCS Chief Financial Officers Group which meets monthly to identify common challenges and develop common solutions to increase the financial operations and capacity of charter schools.

Overview of Organization Structure:
The ECCS is a cooperative. The organization is led by a Director and governed by a 10-member Board of Directors comprised of member school CEOs and Principals. The Board of Directors contracts with the School Leadership Center to provide management services. The Chief Financial Officer of the School Leadership Center serves as the CFO of the Collaborative. Services provided to the schools through the collaborative are all contracted. See for information.